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2023 황홀한 실종  (Marvelous Absence)

카코포니 밴드셋 단독공연 / 2022.11.25 8PM CJ Azit 광흥창

Vocal : Cacophony , Piano : Wangi Jeong, E.Guitar : Gunwoo
Bass : Cheolsoon Kim, Drum : LEE JUN

2022 숨의 여름  (Summer of Breath)

카코포니 피아노 단독공연 / 2022.08.20 5PM Eyelovearthall

Vocal : Cacophony , Piano : Wangi Jeong

"She is like a guide leading a service, and she is also like a shaman holding a ritual."

A person who feels that the world is not intact writes poetry, dances, and sings with an unbearable heart. That's what we call art. One of the old classes of art is to unravel Cacophony's experiences in harmony. Life is not perfect or beautiful. By combining and affirming the cracks in life, human suffering becomes a new and great thing. Therefore, art is a vivid mirror of hardship and a stimulus to choose a better life. Cacophony's music makes us believe that this theory of art is still valid. Where the Summer of Breath unfolds, we can bravely hope for a better life.

Written by Chan Young Lee


2019 [夢] Showcase

카코포니 2집 [夢] 쇼케이스 / 2019.11.23 7PM VELOSO Hongdae

Vocal: Cacophony , Piano : Hen , Bass : Lobiq, Guitar : Gunwoo, Junghoon Yoo, Drum : Jun Lee

카코포니 쇼케이스 사진.jpg
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