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A song of a person creating world again in ruin, CACOPHONY’s <和>

Ways that people overcome their sadness are various, but most of us find a sad song and listen to it when we are sad. This is the old way to overcome the energy of sadness through bigger sadness. Both sadness and gloom clearly have the energy. And sadness and gloom greatly affect us, compared to the energy of pleasure. The energy of sadness removes traces and ruins something, but the power to recover something ruined is also the energy of sadness. Sometimes, some sentiments can be the reason and motivation we should live. The re-creation of the world through the ruin. The album, CACOPHONY’s <和> is produced as she think of her mother who died after battling protracted illness.


She was a singer of the group, ‘Zumurud’. She stopped her career as the singer because her mother’s death, but she started it again. She thinks she inherited her mother’s artistic talent from her mother. When she experienced mother’s last moment, she decided to begin her career as the singer again. It is difficult to objectively judge this album’s value because songs come into the world in indescribable despair and ruin.


This album that CACOPHONY writes lyrics and composes songs makes people listening to songs in this album feel unchanged. This is the will to live from her fierce and desperate voice. This is like beginning and end of people creating their own world after a world disappears from my sight. Two contradicting words, destruction and living are harmonious(和) in this album.   


In the album, she sings songs with her dead mother (breath) and songs still remind her of her mother (Comme un poisson dans le ciel) and she longs for keeping her dream alive (White). This is the most beautiful memorial method they can use when singers lost someone that they love. 


While I listen to songs in her album, they often remind me of Edith Piaf, France’s popular singer. She gets sick in spring. However, her voice that because she was with it, she could wait for what flowers bloom(spring) overlaps with Edith Piaf’s sad voice that sings a song, saying life is good even when life always tells cruel jokes


What are two voices’ common feature? Those are like despair and frustration.

Voices like the despair and frustration are the blessing or curse. What is clear at least is that these voices are well harmonious to comfort people creating the world again through the destruction and dreaming the new tomorrow through the despair.


Written by Writer Yoon jeong-uk

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