In 2018, Cacophony debuted with the full-length album [Harmony] commemorating her mother's death. Introduced on k-pop channels and domestic music media, her powerful music attracted people from all over the world even if she didn’t study music theory. After a year, she released [Dream] containing her failed love which also surprised the audience with her strong appeal and musicality. And it was nominated in best pop album for Korean Music Awards. 

At first glance, Cacophony’s voice resembles despair. But she doesn't just stay in it. Instead, She sings about a new tomorrow through despair. The flowers that bloom with difficulty are clearer and more beautiful. She reconstructs the world through destruction and comforts those with sorrow. 

She believes in the lyrics of her first album "Breath," "Breathe and sing inside me." She thinks her dead mother is still breathing while singing inside her. The past and the future are viewed in one connection. Therefore, for Cacophony, this life is noble. As if to disprove this, she is in charge of not only making music but also directing her videos. Every year, she releases a long-breathing album showing an explosive amount of work.





Cacophony 1st Album [和(Harmony)] 


Cacophony 2nd Album [夢(Dream)]

한국대중음악상 팝 음반 노미네이트
온음 매거진 올해의 팝 음반 선정

hello Kpop 매거진 올해의 앨범 2위

Best Pop Album nominated by Korean Music Awards
Best Pop Album selected by Tonplein magazine

Runner up album selected by hello Kpop magazine


Moonsomon 1st Album [Red Eyes]


Cacophony EP & FILM [Reborn]

Doma 2nd Album [Doma]



'행복한 죽음' 음악감독 for 전통예술원 놀제이


​장편영화 '신세계로부터' 음악감독
중편영화 'Reborn' 음악감독/믹싱

음악단편영화 'Volero.com' 배우/보컬/작사,작곡 참여


오디오희곡 '탐정산애' 수록곡 '함귀가' 작곡, 편곡, 믹싱

정승규 감독 'Tolerance' 음악감독

Best album selected by Poclanos


Volero.com (Original Sound track)

​보컬 참여, 수록곡 중 '아보카도' 작사, 작곡 참여