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"It’s strange. It is very new, yet, familiar at the same time. Many names of senior musicians come to mind, yet, it is different from anyone else. Cacophony’s music permeates as an ancient future and a new past. May you be glad to sink in its beauty. "


– Lee Juck

I believed it was love. My heart was pounding, it was hurting, it was going to explode, and I was going crazy like this. After all, it wasn’t love. I only dreamt that I loved by confining them in my sight without even making myself clear.


This album is released for me to embrace the dreams, which I believed as right choices and I believed that I loved, without pain by now. At the same time, dreaming everything will be fine, this album is. I rather believe, I could be with them through breakups—in another worlds and another times, in another languages and another ages—since we had a contact for some reason and we jumped into it without ignoring.


At the end of these songs, or, at the end of my life, I’ll be welcoming the more beautiful beings of you. I’m sorry that I finally get to love you well only now.

01. Return

         From the 1st track to the 9th, it describes a process of love and breakup. I have repeated this process a few times in my life in different colors. It felt like walking on a ‘Mobius loop.’ So, I couldn’t help naming the 1st track ‘coming back.’ Perhaps that’s why I expressed this song with a more eerie feeling unlike its lyrics.


02. Tahiti

         In the novel, The Moon and Sixpence, Tahiti is portrayed as an ideal place. Every time I fell in love for the first time, I always turned you into an ideal being. And, I wished this feeling to last forever as waves. I wanted to describe this song as a pink sea with a sunset.


03. This Universe is You

         Eventually, you become my whole world, and everything else becomes meaningless. Bearing my faith in this emotion, I give my all and launch myself into space. I wanted to express this overwhelming feeling as a song. Yet, blind love falls.


04. X

         Perfection has been cracked. Unlike our perfect beginning, we now hurt each other. I wait for you to come back, but, you don’t return.


05. Believe

         Is there love in our action of love? I want to find love, but I cannot find it. I want to believe that we love in order for us to live.


06. Tu me dis

         You said that you live because of me. Through the word, I breathed even in your absence. And, now you say that I am killing you. I am turning from a savior into a killer.


07. Please

         I get to hate you within this dreadful breakup. The feelings I have now are so painful as much as the happiness I had in the past. If I hadn't known the bliss, it wouldn't have been this tough.


08. The Whole Night (feat. Yu Seung Woo)

As hatred goes away, a feeling of missing remains. It feels like you’ve come to see me as I’m missing you. As if the little match girl dreams of happiness by lighting a match, I dream of you by singing a song. Beautiful you take my place and fill in this night. 


09. I am sorry

         We were so beautiful. The night was always too short for us to share all our thoughts and to whisper our love. You’ve always shaken me up. But, I became tired of the sway. I had no choice but to say sorry to you who had returned.


10. Fate

         From the 10th track to the 12th, it is about dreaming of failed love. Although we are completely separated, we have touched each other’s destiny since our intimate memory would still remain with us. Even if we want to forget, we have no choice but to go on living with each other’s memory in mind.


11. Song of Silence

         Thus, I decided not to forget you by force. I’d rather keep it. I hope this song will be passed on to us from all times. May we love each other in different times, in different ages.


12. Parallel World

         Once you told me, “I believe we would be loving each other so pretty in a parallel universe.” May this be a little comfort to all who have had the lovers gone.

Anibar Animation Festival 

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